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After several years of traveling around the world, I started to do some road trips around the United States.  Although I have previously been to all 50 states, I now started to see the United States very differently when looking through the lens of a camera.  It really is an epiphany.  I’m having an amazing time and learning about people, different cultures in the United States, and finding a completely new-found appreciation for how fortunate we are to live here.

Roy Stryker, the head of the Farm security Administration back in the 1930’s, the gentleman who hired Dorothea Lange to photograph some of the most iconic images during the early part of the 20th century, put what I am trying to do into a simple sentence of just four words - Introducing America to Americans. It’s a wonderful concept.  My goal is to acquaint people with areas of the country through my photographs they might never have the opportunity to see. 

I hope everyone enjoys looking at my images as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.  Thank you.


Estancia, NM




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